Portrait Session Planning

What to wear -  In advance of your session, I would like to consult with you to discuss clothing choices, arrangements of family members you would like to capture and your plans for displaying the photographs.  It is well worth the time to carefully plan outfits and to envision where you would like to display them.  For family portraits I recommend selecting 3-4 colors within your group and vary them to stay coordinated but not identical. 

Where to take the portraits - I regularly shoot in a variety of settings including urban, western, nature preserves, beautifully landscaped parks and my clients' homes. Based on the look you would like to create I'd be happy to recommend a location.  For in home sessions, we can either incorporate the look of your home into the portraits or I can bring a studio set up with a backdrop for individual and small group portraits. 

Newborns - Newborn portraits are unique and the ideal age for newborn portraits is 5-10 days old, so scheduling ahead is very important. I am happy to photograph your child at any age, but it may be helpful to know that the majority of the sleeping, very posed images you may have seen of newborns are taken at 5-10 days old. When we discuss your session, we can formulate a plan to capture the images most dear to you first. For example, are you seeking individual portraits of the baby with various props and family mementos? Do you prefer a more minimalist individual session with neutral tones natural poses? Are you looking to incorporate the whole family in the photographs with the baby being held by the family?  Are there certain colors you would like to use to coordinate with the nursery? 

Events and Parties

Planning the photography in advance will help you rest assured your event will be captured beautifully while you enjoy the party. We will discuss the venue, the number of guests and guests of honor,  the timing of special events and any key photographs that are desired. Please also take the time to inform your guests (especially guests of honor) that you would like them to be in the photographs. To ensure I can capture all of the details or your decor, it is best if I begin before guests arrive and fill the room. If you desire retouching on specific images please contact me and I can give you quote.  I offer online galleries for easy viewing by your guests and they can either be open to all guests (ideal for corporate events and large parties) or password protected for children's events or private parties.